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How to Maintain Your Hotel Luxury Furniture

2023-08-03 15:41:09

Luxury hotels remain the ideal choice for most people no matter their trips are for pleasure or business reasons. There are lots of articles teaching you how to choose hotel furniture, yet articles about why and how to maintain your hotel luxury furniture are few. In order to remain the natural beauty of luxury furniture in hotels, it’s really important to maintain and care about them in a scientific and reasonable way.


Why Hotel Luxury Furniture Needs Careful Maintenance?

Furniture serves as a crucial part of the hotel business. Luxury hotel furniture is usually constructed of high-quality materials and delicate workmanship. The overall costs of luxury furniture deservedly are more expensive than common furniture. Yet, it’s a huge expenditure if you have to replace all of the furniture within years, therefore, maintaining your hotel luxury furniture should become a routine in running your hotel. For the explanation, below are some advice given by professional hotel furniture suppliers on maintaining and prolonging the lifespan of the furniture.


Maintaining and Caring Hotel Luxury Furniture Made of Different Materials

1. Maintain solid wood and veneer furniture.

In daily life, it’s not hard to notice that almost 4-star and 5-star hotels keen on selecting wood furniture. Mostly made of natural material, wood furniture is not only practical but also brings aesthetic appeal. Since timber is a kind of natural material, it is easy to be affected by temperature and humidity. Furniture made of solid wood, veneer or laminate may expand, contract, or even crack when the temperature changes. Therefore, to guarantee the long service life of timber furniture, it’s necessary not to place it near the heater or air conditioner vents as it may wrap or split if the surrounding temperature is too cold or warm. In particular, the hotel luxury furniture should be kept out of direct sunlight exposure because strong sunlight and UV rays will destroy the furniture’s surface or even loosen the glue of veneer. Wooden hotel collection furniture should be placed in areas without direct sunlight and with steady temperatures. Beyond that, for example, some accessories like tablecloths, coasters, and placemats should be used on wooden hospitality desks or tables so as to protect them from the influence of over hot or over cold stuff.


Apart from that, cleaning hotel luxury furniture is the best way to maintain the value of it. A recommended solution for cleaning is to use a soft damp cloth to lightly wipe out the dust, grease, lint, and other stains stick on the wooden furniture surface. If you’d like to maintain the glossy finish on the surface with furniture polish, remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Any liquid on the surface should be cleaned immediately. Don’t use soap water or detergent to clean wooden hotel luxury furniture. Soap water and detergent may not have the desired cleaning effect yet they are certain to be corrosive to and damage the appearance of furniture. On top of that, if they penetrate into furniture, they will generate wood mildew, and eventually, shorten your furniture’s service life.


2. Care for upholstery furniture.

There is also furniture covered by the fabric or leather materials to protect the furniture frame and prolong the service life. This kind of hotel luxury furniture needs to be maintained carefully. Nevertheless, it’s essential to verify what type of covering it is before using any cleaning agents to remove the stains. For instance, if you find any stains in chairs, sofa, lounges, and other furniture made of soft fabrics, it’s better to use a lightly wet paper towel to remove the stains. Make sure not to rub the fabrics or leather at full blast.


Cleaning and dusting regularly will be your basic step to guarantee the high quality of your upholstery furniture. Since dust is composed of sand, fibers, and silica, it’s wrong to wipe the surface of furniture with a dry cloth which causes the fine particles to rub on the surface and eventually damage the furniture surface. Even though the damage may be negligible for a time, it’ll result in rough furniture surfaces if you frequently rubbing it with a dry cloth. It’s better to wipe the dust with a soft damp cloth. Also, you can use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush to remove the spills, dust, and bacteria concealed in the fabrics. Regularly dismantling the upholstery from your hotel luxury furniture is also necessary. The hospitality furniture wrapped by the fabric and leather easily gets some smell when used for a certain period, so it requires the right care. In this case, deodorizing the smell by using deodorizers is a good solution.


There should be noticed that maintenance spray wax cannot be used to clean the leather couch. Many people have a misunderstanding of this issue. Actually, spray wax can only be applied to wooden furniture. Genuine leather is the skin of animals; hence, if the wax is sprayed on it, the leather’s pore may be blocked and ultimately becomes aged. Therefore, the maintenance spray wax used on your luxury genuine leather furniture will significantly shorten its lifespan.


3. Protect metal, glass, and concrete luxury furniture

The first thing you need to remember that alcohol or solvents are not recommended to be used on the hotel luxury furniture made of metal, glass, or concrete materials. Instead, a soft cotton mushy cloth is enough. Dust on the furniture surface needs to be swept out frequently to prevent it from sticking on the finish. Besides, commercial or heavy polishes or waxes should not be used on the furniture as they may scratch or damage the finish of the furniture.


There are numerous kinds of luxury hotel furniture for sale online and offline. If you want to choose the best furniture for your hotel with high distinctiveness, it’s better to customize it from hotel furniture suppliers. Read the blog post on >>> Tips to Choose the Right Hotel Furniture Supply Companies for more information.