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Everything naturally shows the characteristic of active and accompanying.

HARMAN hotel furniture team exploit the high quality material design "contracted" style to break the traditional ideas, and work hard to feel things themselves. We've considered not consideration is not only products, but also product manufacture process in all aspects. We introduce the international advanced environmental production machinery in Germany, Italy and other country,and adopted the modern management system, a line design of production mode; Products accord with the requirement of green environmental protection furniture, through the IS09001 quality system, IS04001 environmental management system certification,realize zero air pollution. From material selection, technology, production, quality inspection, until all through layers of strict control,fine workmanship, real material, are all auspicious source hotel furniture for many years winning the general customers' trust.Pure manual fine sewing, advanced production technology and the perfect combination of traditional craft, are permeated with representative Italian vitality and passion. In the delicate soft lines, elegant gentle feelings quality place, we select the most high quality hides to artistic technique, guide each class popular fashion, broad color space and the methods to make the difference.