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How to Buy Lasting Outdoor Furniture for Hotel from Furniture Factory

2023-08-03 15:40:39

Outdoor spaces are increasingly important in the hotels, and like the lobby and guest rooms, the furniture in an outdoor area is crucial to its business success. The hotel garden and terrace will be are both extensions of guests’ living space, and it’s crucial to furnish them with quality outdoor furniture that is as comfy and lasting as the furniture used in the guests’ rooms. Buy furniture for hotel gardens and patios and let your guests enjoy the summer breezes and afternoon gatherings. Patio furniture that is durable, weather-resistant, and well-crafted will definitely help with your hotel business.


Four Strongest Frames of Outdoor Furniture for Hotel

Choosing the right frame material is the most important thing to consider when buying or customizing outdoor furniture from a hotel furniture factory. It will determine how durable the furniture can be and how long it will last. Now, here is breaking down the best outdoor furniture by material—wood, metal, plastic, and wicker.


1. Weather Resistant Wooden Outdoor Hotel Furniture

If you would like the outdoor furniture for hotel that is durable and provides a natural aesthetic, it’s better to opt for wooden chairs, tables, and couches. Compared to the wooden furniture made of wicker, pine, or oak, furniture crafted from eucalyptus, cedar, and teak is a preferred choice since it can better withstand outdoor weather conditions. For example, teak, known for its 100-year durability, and together with cedar, is naturally resistant to insect infestation.


2. Rust-Proof Outdoor Hotel Metal Furniture

When you’re looking for lasting outdoor furniture from any hotel furniture factory, it’s a good idea to go with metallic furniture made of cast iron, wrought iron, or aluminum. Iron with rust-resistant powder coating will enhance the durability of the furniture. Aluminum outdoor furniture is naturally rust-resistant and can last for quite a very long period. No matter is the plating iron or aluminum, furniture made of these materials does not prone to corrosion.


3. Lightweight Wicker Furniture for Hotel Outdoors

Wicker furniture has been widely applied to gardens no matter in hotels, resorts, or homes. Made of natural timber materials and PVC, wicker furniture is lightweight and easy to move around. It offers a sense of warmth and excellent durability of the aluminum one. Wicker furniture for hotel also works well on sunrooms and porches.


4. Flexible Plastic Hotel Outdoor Furniture

Plastic furniture may be mistaken for being flimsy, however, new technology has demonstrated it may be terrific material for exterior furnishings. High-density polyethylene can be highly lasting and sturdy. This kind of material does require sealing or painting, while it can be designed into any shape. Clearly, there are still some bad quality plastic products out there. Plastic furniture for hotel can be treated with UV-stabilizing pigments to reduce the chance of color fading caused by long-time sunlight exposure.


Other Detailed Quality Requirements for Outdoor Hotel Furniture Factory

Today, the outdoor furniture market is booming, with many retailers offering pieces at a variety of prices. There are a lot of resources available, being online or offline. The most common channel for hoteliers to buy furniture for gardens or patios is working with a hotel furniture factory. Usually, the factory will offer you more options and much lower prices than retailers. Nevertheless, there are some details you’d known when working with a hotel furniture factory on outdoor pieces.


1. Make Sure Outdoor Furniture with a Sturdy Construction

Compared to furniture assembled with adhesive or staples, furniture for hotel outdoors is constructed using dowels, pegs, stainless-steel screws, or brass screws last much longer. In this case, it’s better to customize furniture with exact materials and assembled ways you’d like from a hotel furniture factory. In case the merchandise graphics do not offer ample detail for you of how the furniture is constructed, you can consult from the factory for more information.


2. Prevent Mildew with Synthetic Fibers for Outdoor Cushions and Pillows

If you’re planning n purchasing cushions and throw pillows for your outdoor hotel furniture, consider weather-resistant cushions with ventilation slits and high UV ratings so as to avoid sun and moisture damage. Acrylic is a mildew-resistant fabric that is particularly durable, and cushions made from similar materials will also withstand daily wear and tear.


No matter which kind of durable furniture for hotel outdoors you’re going to purchase, protecting it from extreme weather conditions will substantially lengthen its life. During the warm seasons, you can wash the seat cushions using some anti-bacterial agents and detergent. A number of outdoor furniture offered by professional hotel furniture factory can go without any particular treatment. For instance, wrought iron furniture needs to be washed and waxed just a few times a year. Aluminum furniture just needs to be rinsed off the dust as it can form a protective oxide layer and wooden furniture requires refinishing and maintenance every two years to keep the color and protective finish.