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How to Achieve High Quality Hotel Furniture Design?

2023-08-03 15:39:54

An ideal setting counts as one of the most important prerequisites for success in the hospitality industry. This is the reason why high quality hotel furniture happens to be so important. Useless and outdated hotel furniture design can have a disastrous influence on a hotel’s business. Creating perfect living experiences for guests is all about selecting the appropriate materials and arranging the furniture in the right ways that appeal to a guest’s craving to stay. Below are some mistakes that you’d better avoid when creating an excellent hotel experience for guests.


Mistakes Have to Avoid in Hotel Furniture Design

1. Skimping on the headboard

The headboard is the most visible portion of the hotel bed, aside from the bedding. When your guests visit the hotel bedroom, they’ll expect to see consistent and thoughtful touches in such areas and high quality hotel furniture. Anyway, it’s not difficult to add elegance to the headboards. Just need to consider some elements, for example, a headboard needs to be wrapped in fabric that matches the bedding and needs to be finished in gorgeous, natural-looking lacquer.


2. Making seating a secondary concern

Even though the bed is the major focal point in the bedroom, guests are not likely to spend all of their time staying in bed. Some may need to work or read a book in chairs, thus, you need to seek user-friendly hotel furniture design, such as comfy and elegant chairs or sofas. Consider matching side-by-side armchairs that allow guests to have intimate conversations. Besides, in a twin bedroom suite or other suite types, it’s better to have chairs around a small table for guests to have a place for some card games.


3. Rooms lack organizational furniture

Guests may need to set down their luggage somewhere when they arrive at the hotel. It’s quite essential to have pieces of furniture to allow them to organize their belongings, such as some shelves, armoires, or luggage racks.


4. Sticking with a template bed frame

As mentioned above, the bed plays a key role in a hotel bedroom and counts most in affecting guests’ staying satisfaction. It should be given the most attention. Since custom high quality hotel furniture lasts longer and is far more comfortable than most ready-made one, customizing bed frame from qualified furniture companies is quite important. If you need help with picking out other new furniture, choose furniture manufacturers or work with professional interior designers who can help you refurbish your hotel with quality pieces quickly and efficiently.


Current Trends in Hotel Furniture Design

These days, guests have come to expect a lot from hotels, no matter is the interior hotel design or the furniture they adopted. Usually, the refurbishment cycle of a hotel is 5 to 7 years, and it’s crucial to think about hotel furniture design in advance and decide which types of renovation items to opt for.


1. Concentrate on quality

The furniture in guest rooms should reflect two things – proper function and visual appeal. Nowadays, hotel furniture design is all about providing a complete sensory experience, including touch, visual appeal, and smell. Guests are expecting high quality hotel furniture more than ever before and they want to be able to feel the furniture too. Hospitality furniture with touchable textures becomes increasingly important. A comfortable bed, night table, TV, and dresser are standard pieces of furniture found in a hotel room. Each piece should be of the highest quality, function well, and create an atmosphere that is pleasant and inviting. For example, heavy and luxurious velvets, along with soft and rich woven fabrics offer the ideal bit of relaxation and warmth into every room.


2. Throw away traditional patterns

Hotel furniture design is moving away from more traditional patterns towards more neutral tones with bright accent colors. This helps to create a clean, bright and open space. This holds true both in the public spaces, such as the reception area, lobby, as well as the guest rooms.

Today, it’s all about geometric and large-scale patterns when it comes to furnishing design; just forget about small print or flowery patterns. Too many small patterns may make the room look a little messy or cause visual fatigue; hence, it’s ideal to pick furniture with neutral tones and small decorations with bright colors. Stick to having just one major pattern style on your carpet, drapery or furniture.


3. Upgrade standard room configurations

As guests spend more and more amount of time in their rooms, a standard room configuration with just a single couch, nightstand, and a bed is no longer satisfying. It’s imperative to offer more necessary high quality hotel furniture that allows guests to work, eat, or have some entertainment. Business travelers may want separate spaces where they can work absorbedly and travelers may want to relax in a spa-like bathroom.