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Tips from Hotel Bedroom Furniture Sets Suppliers: Civilian vs. Hotel Furniture, What’s the Difference?

2023-08-03 15:34:41

Home furniture provides a place for people to rest and gives people a warm sense of security, while hotel furniture conveys more like the sort of hurry to leave feeling. Lots of people do not know that hotel furniture is also named business furniture. Compared to home bedroom furniture sets (or civilian ones), hotel bedroom furniture sets are much more easily damaged due to the heavy use and guests’ lower level of love for them. Therefore, the materials requirements, workmanship, and performance for both kinds of furniture vary. From the perspective of hotel bedroom furniture suppliers, below illustrates the differences between the hotel and civilian bedroom sets.


Materials Used in Home and Hotel Bedroom Furniture Sets


When deciding the materials, the hotel furniture suppliers usually start from the following aspects:


1. Fire-proof


Since customers often smoke there, fire retardant treatment of flammable parts are required to prevent inadvertently igniting the furniture, especially for the divan beds or sofa, bed headboards, upholstered bed frames, and tables. Therefore, hotel bedroom furniture suppliers will usually think about increasing the fire protection performance of their furniture. Usually, they make the furniture abide by specific fire-proof standards based on different regulations in the consumer markets. For example, when targeting to the UK market, suppliers will make their furniture meet fire safety requirements BS 7176, a specification listed appropriate level of fire safety needed to satisfy the specification. The EU States mostly rely on EN 1021-1 and EN 1021-2 tests to demonstrate fire safety of the furniture. Suppliers of hotel furniture often refer to the fire safety regulations in locals for furniture before quoting for contracts. Besides, they will have the hotel bedroom furniture sets especially the materials to be tested to demonstrate conformity. In some cases, fireproof panels, anti-scalding paints, and flame retardant fabrics are often used in some parts of the hotel furniture. High-end hotels even require hotel bedroom furniture suppliers to make the furniture be fire-treated, while the home furniture is often paid less attention to the fire retardant performance.


2. Water and Moisture Resistant


Hotel bedroom furniture sets have better waterproof and moisture-proof performance than civilian ones. Usually, the bathroom and washroom in the hotel are adjacent to the bedroom, combined with the fact that the hotel room is less ventilated, which together makes the bedroom furniture easily be affected by moisture and steam. Especially in season changing days, furniture is more prone to deform, get mildew and edge-shedding due to dampness. Hotel bedroom furniture usually uses particleboard, medium density fiberboard, block board, and laminate as the substrate, and thin wood, wood veneer, and plywood as cladding materials. No matter which kinds of materials are chosen, hotel furniture suppliers should control the moisture content of the materials within 6%-10% or less, so that the furniture made of these materials will not further swell or expand under the humid condition.


3. Abrasion-resistant


The main issues faced by hotel bedroom furniture suppliers and purchasers are the performance of the furniture in use, especially beds, seating, desks, and tables. Are the structures of the hotel bedroom furniture sets sturdy and durable enough? Can they endure the daily wear and tear? Obviously, hotel bedroom furniture should be commonly high-hardness, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant. The experienced suppliers always incorporate these characteristics into their furniture. For heavily used furniture like tables, desks, and chairs, they offer various finishes to offer better durability, scratch resistance, heat resistance, as well as moisture resistance. In addition, the fabrics or leather covers used on seating need to meet the minimum performance requirements. Hotel bedroom furniture suppliers have listed key attributes of fabrics or leathers for upholstery: light fastness, abrasion resistance, rubbing color fastness, pilling and soil resistance. Home furniture has fewer requirements for abrasion and scratches resistance because most homeowners will cherish and take good care of their furniture.


Differences on Design Concept between Home and Hotel Bedroom Furniture Sets


The home furniture has a distinct color, depending on the owner’s preferences. Although there are many different hotel styles, hotel furniture should match the style of the hotel. No matter which kind of style, the details of the hotel bedroom furniture sets should be human-oriented. For instance, suppliers often craft the bedside cabinet with rounded corners to prevent the guests from accidental injury. Some electricity control switches are often set in a place where people can easily reach when they are lying on the bed. The working desk or table is often equipped with a power socket that enables people to charge their phones or laptops. On top of that, the furnishings lines of the hotel furniture are more simple and clean, and the bulge lines are used as little as possible so as to make cleaning easier. Although civilian furniture nowadays is designed with more functions and in a more fashionable way, it features less human-oriented elements.