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Popular Hotel Bedroom Furniture Styles – Furnishing Suppliers Have Recommendations

2023-08-03 15:33:59

Typical Hotel Bedroom Furniture Styles – Suppliers Have Recommendations

In recent years, due to the changes in customer preference and demands in the market, the hotel industry has been in great turmoil. Under this backdrop, the issue of how to furnish hotels to better attract customers not only becomes a major concern for hoteliers but also a struggle for hotel furnishing suppliers. Suppliers are working hard to give a wide variety of proposals on creating personalized furniture that offers guests a unique experience. This is quite crucial for hotels to differentiate from fierce competition.


More than ever before, the hotel’s personalization has become a decisive factor in the choice of hotels for consumers. Therefore, demands in the creativity of hotel bedroom furniture are on the rise. To avoid excessive or useless improvisations, some considerations need to be taken into account. Different bedroom furniture styles have distinctive characteristics. It is helpful to refer to a precise hotel bedroom furnishing style, to choose from those most in fashion at present, or to work with hotel furnishing suppliers to customize the unique sets. The information below tries to bring an all-inclusive understanding of bedroom styles as an inspiration to hotel interior designers.


Popular Hotel Bedroom Furniture Styles in Modern Days


1. Contemporary


The contemporary style originates from the combination of various styles. The contemporary style is where people can see both modern design elements and vintage elements together. For example, hotel bedroom furniture of contemporary style is often paired with the neutral color of the wall. The contemporary designers usually avoid complexity in combining and matching different styles, such as reducing too many decorations on the wall and furniture items. The whole bedroom furniture will have a neutral look with a bright color or perhaps a palette of cream, brown and beige. The ultimate goal of this style is to create relaxation for the end-customers.


2. Urban


The urban style is usually preferred in the city crowded with tall hotel buildings. Usually, hotel bedroom furniture of this style is manufactured from lots of materials, and everything has to be consistent in matching vintage features and modern details. Most hotel furnishing suppliers will pursue elegant wood bedroom furniture using additional metallic tones. The basic colors of the furniture are mostly black, beige and brown shades. Vintage elements and recycling components such as old lamps and machinery parts for furnishing are iconic. The main piece here is the sofa or armchair – leather or imitation leather, best with a contrasting color and distressed or naturally aged. It will be the aesthetic focus of the entire room. This style makes every room in a hotel a different and unique space for guests.


3. Art Deco


Art Deco is a representative of Arts Décoratifs in French interior decoration. It is a trend for hotel bedrooms in the early 1900s when heavy industries started. At that time, interior designers were inspired by metal and steel, especially in making hotel furniture. Hotel bedroom furniture of this style emphasizes glossy metals, sleek chrome or polished bronze. The hotel bedroom furnishings frequently go with geometric patterns from the floor, ceiling to walls and even on the headboard. The art deco style has greatly encouraged hotel furnishing suppliers to add metal elements in furniture.


4. Tropical


A thought of Hawaii shore or Amazon rainforest, we might possibly think of the tropical style. It’s not difficult to add the tropical style to the hotel room. The hotel furniture of tropical style is usually constructed from natural materials such as timber. Most pieces of furniture are upholstered. Green and other coloration of nature are emphasized.


5. Minimal Style


The minimal style of hotel bedrooms is popular nowadays. The room of this style features a larger floor area for the same surface area because it has fewer pieces of furniture. Generally, designers will leave the room with more vacant space. Furniture of this style is suitable for hotels with smaller spaces. And it is mainly black, white, grey, and ivory. Some beige tones such as sand and cold colors can also be used.


On a practical level, when you furnish your hotel room, fewer hotel bedroom furniture pieces do not mean lower costs. The absence of accessories always needs to be compensated with higher quality. Customizing bedroom furniture from hotel furnishing suppliers is particularly recommended to achieve this style.


The chair is an essential expressive part of a hotel bedroom with minimal style. In this “neutralized” space, it can be original to “play” with a high impact piece, maybe with strong contrast (colored works or shapes opposed to the prevailing geometry). The chair has become the most proper accessory for playing with this role as it can be moved into various positions inside the room.


6. Eclectic


Eclectic style can be counted as the most flexible style. It does not require balance on different aspects of the hotel bedroom furniture. No matter is the industrial style, art deco or vintage, everything comes and perfectly blends each other in hotel bedroom furnishing set.


Benefits of Cooperating with Qualified Hotel Furnishing Suppliers


Hotels need to come up with creative changes to stand out the competition, such as offering customers excellent unique living experiences by decorating the room with distinctive or exotic furniture. Cooperating with hotel furnishing suppliers can easily come out with personalized furniture, which eventually helps attract guests and increase the hotel’s business. Read our blog post on >>> The Significance of Custom Hotel Furniture for more information.


In conclusion, no matter which style hoteliers choose for their hotel bedroom furniture, what counts most is a clear concept in mind, a concept of the precise knowledge of the type of experience hoteliers would like to create for guests. Interaction with hotel furnishing suppliers might draw out possibilities and spaces to get authentically personalized hotel bedrooms achieved.