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What Hotel Room Furniture Packages Should Hoteliers Purchase?

2023-08-03 15:33:07

One of the most popular trends in hotel design is the “home away from home.” To create an unforgettable staying experience for guests, hoteliers ought to understand their targeted guests. Crafting an inviting space with special hotel room furniture packages that entices even the most seasoned travelers – which we understand, is never be an easy job. Every detail that hoteliers put into their hotel rooms is often what causes the hotel to stand out from competitions.


Elements of Hotel Room Furniture Packages


Wall coverings, fabrics of mattress, flooring, and amenities all perform essential roles in creating an excellent living space. However, the very critical elements for virtually any room would be the hotel room furniture packages and decorative millwork. Thus, which pieces of furniture should hoteliers pay extra “special” attention to? Below are some elements that hoteliers should have a second thought for their purchase of hotel furniture: luggage bench, custom headboards with lights, and desks with USB outlets.


For guests, what they want is extreme efficiency. It’s not difficult to find that hoteliers are streamlining or cutting furniture elements with furniture and accessories that guests actually desire. For example, enormous dressers and wardrobes are gradually fading from hotel rooms. Most people who travel with belongings are not inclined to place their items into the drawers or wardrobes. Instead, they just prefer not to unpack all of their stuff. A luggage bench has been regarded as a multi-functional fixture in the guestroom. In today’s modern hotel guest room, hoteliers can opt for trendy luggage benches made of vinyl material or upholstered luggage benches that give guests additional seating places. The hotel prefers to purchase hotel furniture that brings benefits to both guests and the hotel itself.


The furniture comes and goes. But there is one type of furniture that will always remain – bed. An article posted on the New York Post, published earlier this year, illustrated that “the average American will spend 36 years in bed over the course of their lifetime, according to new research.” That’s nearly half of our lives! For most guests who spend more time staying in hotels for travel or business trips, the headboard is no longer the decoration hung on a wall that is often overlooked. Head-boards with lighting have become a bold, forward-thinking design and an integrated part of today’s hotel room furniture packages. Headboards with electrical sockets and lighting sources have become the requirements of guests. Bedrooms’ headboards in hotels should have appropriate lighting and individual switches that are easy to turn on/off, in case anyone would like to keep a light on at midnight.


Studies reveal that one traveler may carry with them up to 3 apparatus when they travel. Guests tend to be hectic and don’t want to spend time searching for outlets or leaving their devices charged in places which they do not easily access to. They want their devices to be charged at easily reaching places, like a desk with a USB outlet or the sockets above the nightstand. There was a couple in their 60s booked an upscale room in a hotel that runs under a worldwide well-known brand. The husband tried to set up his laptop on the desk, searching for the outlet around the desk everywhere. Finally, he had to crawl under the desk to find a place to plug in. The man searching for a socket outlet would likely not have experienced such frustration at home. The point here is the design of the hotel room furniture packages, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) should take into account such problems. As people are no longer tethered to a “stationary” desk, a desk’s style and function keep changing. The standard or traditional desks with drawers are being substituted with the ones that have minimalist designs and function multiple purposes. For instance, a laptop tray has been designed to allow guests to work on a sofa or bed instead of sitting in front of a desk. Hence, when hoteliers purchase hotel furniture, it’s necessary to get an insight into the market trend of hotel furniture.


What Guests Want From Hotel Room Furniture Packages?


Undoubtedly, trends for hotel room furniture packages change frequently. However, regardless of how market preference in the hotel furniture changes, two trends will remain for the coming years. One is multifunctional and compact hotel furniture, and the other is eco-friendly furniture.


Multifunctional furniture counts a lot in modern hotel design. As hotel rooms are getting smaller, furniture that has different functions while taking up a little place becomes ever-popular for hotels.


These days, more people are gearing towards a more environmental-friendly lifestyle, making efforts to incorporate eco-friendly materials into their lives at homes. Those people will definitely appreciate it if the hotels try to purchase hotel furniture that is manufactured with environmental-friendly materials.


In brief, whatever that is likely to make guests’ life more efficient and comfortable should be considered by hoteliers. Anticipating guests’ needs may be the most challenging part of the hoteliers’ job. The trend that hotel rooms are going to get smaller in the years ahead will continue to prompt hoteliers to purchase hotel furniture that are more efficient, comfortable and convenient. Custom hotel furniture will help hoteliers in making this transition. An experienced hotel furniture manufacturer can guide hoteliers on how to incorporate all these detailed elements into their hotel room furniture packages.