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A Guide to Contract Furniture from Hotel Furniture Manufacturers

2023-08-03 15:32:23

Furniture is a major element in hotel design and usually is the guests’ first consideration. Customer satisfaction is important to the hospitality sector and furniture plays a crucial role in affecting it. It’s vital that hoteliers need to make their guests feel “at home” if they want the second stays of these guests. Each area of the hotel possess different furnishing requirements, so, for hoteliers to review, here comes a guide of choosing hotel contract furniture that will help improve guests’ comfort and satisfaction in all aspects during their stays.


What’s Hotel Contract Furniture?


Contract furniture is defined as furniture that is intended for commercial use. It is mostly placed where having huge customer flows, such as hotels, offices, restaurants, airports, etc. It is added with many additional features for meeting the special requirements of these places. Contract furniture can be a perfect alternative to domestic or residential furniture. However, whether you are buying from local or overseas manufacturers, hotel contract furniture is always priced higher than domestic furniture, as it’s crafted with higher strength, longer life span, and higher levels of safety and performance.


Is Contract Furniture Equal to Leasing?


The word “contract” conjures up a variety of questions concerning the ownership of the furniture. It’s a common misconception that contract furniture is the same as leasehold furniture, or lets’ say, people will easily misunderstand that “contract” means leasing or renting products rather than having outright ownership. Of course, some hotel furniture manufacturers may offer financing options but that does not accurately describe the term outlined.


Why Should Hotels Choose Hotels Contract Furniture?


In spite of the fact that the hotel contract furniture is more expensive than domestic ones, contract furniture is still more cost-effective if seen from a long perspective. What makes contract furniture so unique? The advantages of contract furniture include structural strength, durability, stability, and weight-bearing qualities, etc. Imagine how terrible guests will feel if they find out a piece of furniture losing its shape or breaks. It’s imperative for hotel proprietors to purchase high-quality contract furniture that keeps a brand-new look and stands the test of time. Buying contract furniture from hotel furniture manufacturers has lots of benefits. They always make sure their furniture undergoes stringent testing and certification processes to meet industry standards. On top of that, there are lots of advantages of hotel contract furniture itself, including:

1. The contract furniture has a longer service life. This means hoteliers do not have to buy new furniture every few years which may cause disruption to the running of hotel business. Eventually, this helps save huge operation costs.

2. It can accommodate people of all weights and sizes without issues of serious wear and tear.

3. It allows for a higher frequency of use. Generally, it lasts much longer than the common furniture.

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What Hotel Contract Furniture to Select?


1. Continuity of Availability


Under the backdrop of frequently changing consumer tastes in the markets, furniture production and stock lines will be discontinued and replaced with brand new furniture lines all the time. If hoteliers would like to maintain a consistent and uniformed furniture style or look, it would become a problem under such a context. Fortunately, hotel furniture manufacturers have been aware of this problem and most of them would like to hold on to the stock for a long period. Therefore, hotel proprietors don’t have to worry about future supply.


2. Safety Workmanship and Requirements


Hotel contract furniture is more than just glued together, and it has to be screwed and doweled at all the critical joints. This combination of fixtures makes it far more robust, stable and able to withstand recurrent use. Contract furniture must meet quality requirements, and its upholstery and finishes must also meet hospitality environment standards. Many countries have stipulated some security requirements for hotel furniture manufacturers to abide by. Regulations or legislation are quite strict around the sorts of materials utilized, which need to be fire-resistant. Fabric materials have to go through inflammatory tests.


Choose Right Hotel Furniture Manufacturers


Retail furniture or ready-made furniture is not designed to withstand the heavy uses in high traffic areas. If you just start your hotel business, it’s suggested to partner with interior designers or hotel furniture manufacturers to work on the contract furniture that will stand the test of time and maintain a fresh appearance for as long as possible. Hoteliers can select and customize almost any element of furniture, from fabrics, textures, patterns, and finishes. They only need to provide their hotel furniture manufacturers with their design sketches of desired furniture, no matter it is the specific chair, headboard or table. The manufacturers can customize the furniture that absolutely meet the requirements. Always remember that when purchasing hotel contract furniture, do prioritize durability.