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Impress Guests by Customizing Unique Hotel Lobby Furniture from Suppliers

2023-08-03 15:31:48

It’s no secret that when it comes to hotels, the lobby is the crucial place where guests get their first impression of the hotel. If there are old, outdated chairs and tables, or archaic, unpleasant decoration in the hotel lobby furniture, the chances that guests will regard the hotel as one of high quality are small. That’s why many hotel furniture suppliers encourage hoteliers to impress or inspire guests to come back for a second stay by customizing unique lobby furniture. Having appropriate and aesthetically appealing furniture in the lobby can positively impact the revenue and hotel reputation.

At present, the role of a hotel lobby has changed drastically, turning from the sole purpose of helping the guests check in and out guests into a multi-purpose space for meetings, relaxation, catching ups, and more.


Modern Lobby Design with Hotel Lobby Furniture

There are certain functions that a lobby must offer, meaning that certain pieces of hotel lobby furniture are necessary, like a concierge stand, check-in desk, and waiting area. The lobby is no longer just a checking-in and out place. With this in mind, hotel proprietors and hotel furniture suppliers should jointly strive to create a space that caters to the multitude of clientele needs. Whether guests are for business or for leisure, comfort is always what they are looking for. Only when guests feel comfortable and relaxed during their stay at the hotel will they be encouraged to stay longer or choose the hotel again.


1. Comfortable Seating

Seating acts as an important part of hotel lobby furniture, particularly in the reception area. Welcoming lounge chairs and armchairs are crucial to guests waiting for check-in and check-out, no matter for them to sit down for a few minutes or to put their luggage. Tired guests may spend a short amount of time sitting there before moving to other activities. Seek from hotel furniture suppliers to replete the hotel lobby with comfortable furniture, such as a variety of chairs and couches that match the existing hotel theme and contribute nicely to the hotel’s overall ambiance.


2. Space for Casual Work or Socialization

Guests now value the “experience” more than anything else, including their time spent in the lobby and feelings for the hotel lobby furniture. Bar stools enable guests to pause for a coffee or take a few moments to respond to emails on their laptops. In this situation, sofas may not suitable for work or chat due to their low seat heights. The evolving needs of today’s busy business travelers are transforming lobbies into productive and flexible working areas. “Lobbies should comprise furniture that promotes people to work together and offers varying degrees of privacy or social use,” says Carl Ross, president of El Segundo, CA-based Design Group Carl Ross. No matter guests hold conferences or group meetings or work together, they prefer to stay in the lobby as opposed to their hotel bedrooms. Barstool or other similar hotel lobby furniture is ideal because it’s very flexible, can easily be moved around, and takes up little floor space. Guests can meet, talk, eat, drink, and work in the lobby freely if provided with comfortable and convenient furniture. Creating an inviting space with flexible seating areas, intimate lounge areas, and communal spaces where guests can meet and form connections are crucial to evaluate the hotel service quality.


3. Multifunctional Reception Counters

The counter for the reception should not be an ordinary piece of furniture. Its front should be fancy and at the same time convenient for users. A reception counter should be always clean, elegant, and eye-catching. Hotel furniture suppliers are able to offer a wide range of counter designs for various hotel themes.

Multifunctional reception counters are common in many hotels, resorts, and inns. For the reception counter, various functions can be customized, including cabinets and shelves storing the documents, areas for computers, printers, lockers, payment terminal, monitoring equipment, and so forth.


Considerations when Customizing Hotel Lobby Furniture

No matter for hotel furniture suppliers or hotel proprietors, they should know that the right matching of furniture for convenience is vital. Every piece of hotel lobby furniture shall echo to one another. The tables need to be paired with the right types of seats, which can reflect the main activities of the space. Coffee tables are a great option to go next to lounge chairs, as they create a relaxing space for chatting or breaks. Higher seating such as bar stools and tables satisfy the needs of guests who are there for business trips by providing them with areas to work on their laptops. It’s recommended to arrange the seats reasonably to offer those guests some privacy during working and make sure these tables are situated near power sockets for convenience for guests to charge their laptops. Beyond all that, hotel furniture suppliers suggest there should be enough seating zone to the sides of the main reception counter so as to allow guests to seat comfortably when waiting for check-in

The hotel lobby is always a place of particular value. It is in the lobby where guests directly get the first and last interaction with the hotel. Every detail matters in the lobby.