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Advantages of Custom Made Hotel Furniture for Five Star Hotel

2023-08-03 15:30:46

Regardless of how beautiful the interior design of a hotel is, it will undoubtedly result in tremendous waste if only very ordinary hotel furniture is furnished. The hotel furniture design and layout that complements the interior design have become an integral part of interior design for the hotel. People’s taste towards the aesthetics of hotel furniture has improved dramatically, and correspondingly, the requirement for custom made hotel furniture and restaurant furniture is higher than previous.

To design the hotel furniture, first of all, hoteliers should have a clear idea of their categories. According to the hotel’s levels, there are commercial hotels (Vienna Hotel and Hanting Hotel), Home Inns, and various levels of star hotels, such as Four Season Hotel, Hilton Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, etc. For star hotels, complete functions and aesthetic value are essential. Here, we will explore a few fundamentals or considerations in customizing five-star hotel furniture.


Consistency of Custom Made Hotel Furniture

Customizing hotel furniture with a good manufacturer from the beginning to the end brings numerous benefits. For one thing, five-star hoteliers won’t have problems matching their furniture to their décor themes in precisely the way they want. That’s to say, the advantage of working with the same manufacturer is that hoteliers can build a relationship that allows the hotel furniture manufacturer to understand what kinds of five-star hotel furniture that hoteliers look for will work nicely with the hotel’s themes. Additionally, if something happens to one of the custom made hotel furniture pieces, hotel proprietors can count on the original manufacturer to create another piece just like the same one based on the existing blueprint or design sketches. This will save hotel proprietors lots of time in searching for similar items everywhere. They can also demand specific craftsmanship or source materials from the furniture manufacturers.


Color and Style Matching of Custom Made Hotel Furniture

Custom made hotel furniture should be in accord with the theme of interior design, such as Chinese style, French style, American country style, minimalist style, etc.

Custom five star hotel furniture is more than just a piece of furniture, and it is necessary to focus on style and color matching. Only in this way can the hotel furniture nicely and harmoniously work with the indoor space decoration style and eventually highlight the interior. The personality and style of the hotel furniture should be in accord with the overall style of the hotel. You should avoid decorating the luxury hotel with low-grade furniture or decorating a minimalist style hotel with luxurious furniture. The colors can be the same, similar or comparable, and some changes can be used as embellishments in detail. On top of that, five star hotel furniture purchasers should also consider guest’s favors and consumption behaviors. The style of the hotel furniture should conform to the targeted guest’s aesthetic and taste.


Overall Safety Performance of Five Star Hotel Furniture

Smoking and the use of lighters in hotel rooms can easily damage the surface of hotel furniture, and even cause fires. That’s why there are requirements that five star hotel furniture needs to be anti-fire or flame-retardant. In this case, most five-star hotels will consider the use of fireproof panels, burn-proof paints, and flame retardant fabrics in certain parts of the hotel furniture. Usually, five-star hotels should require that the materials used to make the furniture be fire- or high temperature-resistant.


Functional Design of Five Star Hotel Furniture

The hotel furniture needs to make the most use of the limited space. When customizing five star hotel furniture, the principle of ergonomics shall be considered. For example, when designing a cabinet, the frequency of the use of items, the size of the items, the storage methods, and the storage amount should be all taken into account for the best configuration and offer maximum convenience.


Structural Strength and Durability of Custom Made Hotel Furniture

Most custom-made hotel furniture is fixed. It is hard to move them once it has been constructed and assembled. The typical structure is chiefly plate type, so wood screws, hardware connectors, and adhesives are commonly utilized as the joint methods. Please notice the different characteristics of different raw materials when using them. For example, the flakeboard (also named particleboard) and the MDF boards possess inadequate nail holding power and are not suitable for parts that require frequent activities or a strong nail holding force. Custom furniture can adapt flexibly to specific requirements.

Beyond all these, materials costs fluctuate according to the numbers of custom made hotel furniture. Generally, hotel furniture is demanded in a large number and furniture manufacturers tend to use automation equipment to cut materials so that each piece of materials can be completely utilized, which helps to reasonably reduce the material cost.