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Contemporary Commercial Hotel Furniture Design Trends for 2020

2023-08-03 15:30:05

Contemporary hotel furniture has a huge impact on the look and feel of the interior. Its main purpose is functionality, while its appealing aesthetic function is also important. What is the excellent hotel furniture design? How to design unique commercial hotel furniture? The design and layout of hotel furniture are an increasingly significant part of modern-day hotel interior design and have got an important influence on the accommodation experience. From comfy, romantic lounges to lighting, open-plan atriums, the hotel furniture creates a long-lasting first impression for the guests.


With the maturation of the social market as well as the improvement of aesthetic level, customers’ style requirements for contemporary hotel furniture are also increasing. Furniture trends are constantly evolving, in line with the changes in wider interior design tastes and preferences.


Aesthetic Appeal of Contemporary Hotel Furniture

Contemporary commercial hotel furniture design has two distinctive features. One is the practicality and comfort. In the hotel decoration design, the furniture comes with an intimate relationship with people’s various activities. The furniture reflects the concept of “people-orientation” everywhere. The other is its decorative nature. Furniture is the principal essence that reflects the interior artistic atmosphere and effects.

More hotel artwork furniture (viewing furniture) has been displayed in hotel areas, especially in the lobby area and reception desk. The so-called art furniture denotes the kind of furnishing that is for space decoration and meets the aesthetic needs of people in the indoor environment. This kind of contemporary hotel furniture satisfies people’s spiritual pursuit for art, making people feel comfortable and inspiring mentally. To some extent, the practicality of commercial hotel furniture will be weakened, while its aesthetics will be correspondingly strengthened. A piece or pieces of this type of furniture is or are placed in the hotel space to create a rich landscape effect, which is really eye-catching.


Commercial Hotel Furniture Returns to Retro-Style

Regardless of the accelerated modernization and urbanization, there is still some intrinsic connection between the past and the current, which conveys new information of the times. People’s aesthetic concepts for commercial hotel furniture are getting closer to retro. They are representing their passion for retro things through apparel designs, hairstyles, and antique furniture. People are increasingly having deep feelings about the beauty of things that have been tempered over time. European retro furniture inherits the features of the Western Renaissance and is extraordinarily luxurious. Most of these kinds of hotel furniture are made of solid walnut, birch, cherry, and white oak materials, workmanship involving blending painting, gold plating, fabric, leather art, and lacquer art. The most fascinating things about the furniture are the sleek, noble, and elegant shape, with delicate and sophisticated carvings and tones, with special emphasis on comfort, style, practicality, and versatility. Nostalgia and romance will be the best reviews of antique or retro hotel furniture.


Bold and Eye-Catching Elements in Contemporary Hotel Furniture

Contemporary hotel furniture designers are becoming more adventurous to incorporate vibrant color mix and bold elements in the design. Massive splashes of chief tones and high-volume colors deliver punchy and distinctive decorative effects, creating an ultra-modern or era transcended feel. Beyond pure aesthetics, the conspicuous and bright blocks of colors serve a functional purpose, guiding travelers or visitors to easily find key areas such as the dining room or front desk. Beyond all these, vivid, high-contrast patterns, nonrepresentational shape, and large mixing of materials and scale will amount as essential designing elements for today’s contemporary hotel furniture. As times continue to develop, people will become more daring with their hotel furniture design choices.


Multi-functional and Compact Contemporary Hotel Furniture

In answer to the ever-dwindling room and space, the design of commercial hotel furniture is gearing towards multi-purpose, compact, and streamlined trends. With these types of highly integrated furniture, life feels less chaotic and more ordered. The ever-increasing housing price makes compact and multi-functional pieces of furniture one of the best contemporary hotel furniture design trends of these years.


Eco-friendly: the Motto in Commercial Hotel Furniture’s Design Trends

More than 60 percent of U.S. travelers take into account the ecological factors before booking a hotel, according to a survey. They will get some information about the brand’s reputation for green development, especially when it comes to the materials used in commercial hotel furniture. With the advent of ecological concepts, people are paying more attention to environmental protection and the carbon footprint they produce. Hotel furniture designers pay a lot more consideration into this concept of individual temperament into their own style and design performs. They’ve been discovering and employing new technologies, new processes, and new materials to create hotel furniture that’s ecofriendly. Designers’ fascination for the natural materials and the visual texture will continue, such as natural stones, marble, and quartzite.