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How Is the Ergonomics Applied to New Hotel Room Furniture?

2023-08-03 15:29:06

As wellness becomes an increasingly significant part of the overall accommodation experience, hoteliers are finding different ways to improve this aspect. Ergonomics or behavioral ergonomics is the concept that promotes or amends comfort and wellness through design. In other words, it’s a design discipline that focuses on creating comfortable, efficient, and safe environmental conditions that physically support the people. A piece of well-design and ergonomic new hotel furniture takes into account the traveler’s material and emotional needs. A traveler is often the person who often has to go to bed late and get up early. He or she may be jet-lagged and tired, so the hotel room furniture needs to be comfortable and the layout of the room needs to be logical as well.

For hotels of any scale, it counts a lot in getting the new hotel furniture just reasonable and comfortable to offer better customer experience. Ergonomics adopts the empathetic design to map out the efficiency of hotel furniture.


What Does Ergonomic Hotel Room Furniture Mean?

It’s common to see people with their laptops on their laps everywhere. At the conference held in the hotel, most of these businessmen try desperately to take care of as much business as possible in between sessions and meet-and-greets. Sometimes, it’s also universal to see business travelers in the lobby with their notebooks on their laps, hunch over, and try to angle the screen just appropriately.

How does the design of hotel room furniture affect people’s interaction, work efficiency, and mood? Among all kinds of new hotel furniture, the chair, desk, bed, and cabinet are the most common items that can be applied with ergonomics. Ergonomic hotel room furniture may perform a key role in an attempt to influence people’s feelings and operations. Take the chair in the hotel as an example. A chair is a piece of furniture that appears anywhere and always tends to be used in an identical way. How can the chair design change the way a person operates or feels when they seat at the desk? An Ergonomic chair allows business travelers to stay comfortable whether they’re working at the guestroom desk or spending all day around sitting on it typing their laptop. An ergonomic chair will have adjustable seats, arms, backs, etc. Without ergonomic design, discomfort may set in when the body is forced to hold a static position and the muscles are overloaded. To overcome this problem, an ergonomic backrest enables to move with the human body and allows frequent postural shifts. Ergonomic hotel room furniture design has a critical influence on people’s spinal movement. There are statistics showing that when the seat height is 400 mm, the activity is the highest, the fatigue is the strongest. Slightly upper or lower than this measure, the movement is reduced, and comfort is increased. Therefore, when the human body sits on a stool that is slightly higher or slightly lower than the seat of 400 mm, the waist is not easily fatigued. The seat height also affects the level of leg fatigue. There are some designers coming up with a formula to calculate how an ergonomic seat means: seat height = calf armpit + heel height – appropriate margin. A task chair is only beneficial and healthy when its backrest is in contact with the user’s back and is adjusted and properly tensioned depending on the individual’s weight. Proper upright posture helps increase blood flow and alertness; therefore, a comfortable chair that boosts proper posture may enhance the overall sitting experience.


Other “Must-Have” for the Perfect Hotel Room Furniture

New hotel furniture design amounts to much more than just aesthetic appeal; the well-designed furniture for the hotel room should enhance the purpose for which it is intended. For example, a comfortable bed is absolutely one of the most important amenities in the hotel room. There is a study about travelers’ selection of accommodation showing that 93.8% of respondents saw comfortable beds and cushions the most important to them in their selection of a hotel room. Besides the bed original structure, mattresses and pillows lead to a comfortable and restful night’s sleep. A good bed design conforms to the spine’s natural curves and keeps the spine in alignment. To business travelers, a comfortable work area is an important factor when they consider the hotel room furniture. To business travelers, a comfortable living area can also be a significant part of good accommodation experience. The design of the chair and office desk should be flexible to allow the business traveler to enjoy natural and cozy postures when working.

Nowadays, among numerous pieces of new hotel furniture, the design of certain elements of a bathroom often focuses on form rather than function. There are some simple guidelines, for example, using levers instead of knobs and clearly labeling hot and cold levers. This will make the bathroom safer and easier for guests to use.

On top of that, it’s essential for guests to have somewhere to put their luggage. There’s nothing worse than having to step over the suitcase every time or having to constantly move it between the bed, armchair, and floor. Make a particular space for your guests’ luggage, even if it’s just a simple fold-out luggage rack. Even such a detail will make an impression on the guest.

Generally speaking, it is important to understand the special needs of targeted guests when purchasing or customizing new hotel furniture. Ergonomics hotel room furniture aims to create safe, comfortable and productive spaces. Hotel furniture design and amenities deeply affect the accommodation experience. Having the right hotel furniture is an essential part of the hotel’s mission to ensure the guests to enjoy their stay. By providing the ergonomic new hotel furniture, your hotel will be able to attract more guests, thereby increasing market share and keep you ahead of the competition.