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Buying Tips of Hotel Furniture Set from Furnishing Companies

2023-08-03 15:38:37

The hotel business is all about being the best host. Providing the first-class living experience to your guests is what good hotel management is all about. You can start by offering guests breath-taking interior designs & decoration, lavish amenities, and lazing comfort.

Furniture plays quite an important role in offering all the above-mentioned services to your guests. Thus, picking the hotel furniture set is a substantial step to improve the ambiance of your hotel. There are massive furniture sets to choose from hotel furnishing companies in the event that you intend to renovate or set up a new hotel. Furniture set in the bedroom often includes beds, sofas, tables or desks, chairs, cabinets, or other storage furniture. Hotel furnishing companies have come up with several tips for hoteliers in purchasing furniture.


Tips for Wooden Hotel Furniture Set

1. Know the timber types

First of all, wooden furniture falls right into three different categories: solid wood, veneers, and particle board or composite wood. Solid wood furniture is normally much more costly than other types of timber. It has a good appearance and texture but is vulnerable to scratches and water rings. In woodworking, veneer refers to thin slices of wood and sometimes barks. It’s commonly glued onto the core panels, typically wood, particleboard or medium-density fiberboard. Since its wood base is inexpensive, veneers aren’t as expensive as solid wood. Particleboards or composite wood pieces are made from the mixture of wood pulp, plastics, and resin, basically the cheapest type of wood furniture. Although it looks relatively decent, it can’t last for several years. You can visit the local furniture store or seek advice from hotel furnishing companies online for more information about timber types for the different hotel furniture set.


2. Check drawers and cabinets

Open the drawers and cabinets to check if they can pull all the way out, latch correctly, and shut smoothly. Be sure that the doors of the drawers and cabinets open and remain the right open position instead of snapping close while you’re still trying to find something out of them. Assess the handles and knobs which are ought to fit tightly without jiggle.


3. Avoid nails and glue

Have a look at the joining parts at ends and corners, make sure they’re not glued or nailed in. In the woodworking world, the best quality of the furniture is the one without using any metal fasteners or glue. This type of woodworking takes longer and is recognized as the mark of a craftsman’s ability. You can work with hotel furnishing companies on hotel furniture set whose joint parts are used by wood to hold together.

4. Inspects the legs

Usually, the legs of the furniture should be thick, wooden, and jointed (not nailed) to the frame of the chairs, tables, or sofa. Plastic, rubber, or metal legs may not look as nice as the wooden ones and may cause some scratches to the floor or can’t bear a heavy load.


Tips for Fabric Hotel Furniture Set

5. Check for springs

In the event that you want firm sofas, have a look at those with traditional coiled springs. If you need a sofa with a softer feel, go with zigzag coils. When you buy the fabric hotel furniture set, take off the cushions and press down on the base of the sofa and check if the coils push down and spring back to the original place instantly.


6. Be realistic about colors

Bright color fabric may seem attractive at the very first sight, but guests may get visual fatigue if they have to face these pieces of bright-colored furniture for several days. Stick to neutral colors for your bigger and more expensive hotel furniture set and save bold colors for décor pieces.


7. Consider the frequency of utilization

Since most fabric furniture is easy to get stains or worn out, besides, the hotel is the place featuring large traffic flow, one moving out and the other moving in immediately, you should stick with dark colors and stain-resistant tough fabric furniture like linen or tweed one, or refer to the best-selling fabric furniture of hotel furnishing companies online.


The Best Ways to Purchase Hotel Furniture Set with Lower Costs

1. Buy at the right time

The prices of hotel furniture set fluctuate throughout the year. In the event that you’d like to have the best deal in the local furniture stores, wait until the Fourth of July or even Christmas when furniture stores begin to clear out their inventory.


2. Don’t rule out used furniture or furniture with little defects

It’s possible for you to discover fantastic deals with secondhand furniture provided that you examine it carefully. Rips, stains, tears, watermarks, and scratches will be the major checking points for you. As long as the defects do not affect its appearance and its normal use, the used or little defective furniture is also a great deal.


3. Work with wholesale furnishing companies

For hoteliers and others in the hospitality industry, buying hotel furniture set from hotel furnishing companies often comes with various advantages. The furniture in those companies is directly obtained from the factory and thus the price is very reasonable. It is very economical as you don’t have to pay for the overheads of a retailing store. In general, buying from furniture companies not only helps conserve money and time but also assists you to find the right hotel furniture set which is most suitable for your hotel styles. If you have any problems or are confused about which types of furniture to purchase, read the blog post on >>> What Should Hotelier Purchase When It Comes to Hotel Room Furniture Packages for reference.