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Any brands for high end hotel furniture supplies ?
The manufacturers of high-end hotel furniture supplies are usually aimed at the high-end market. With superior product quality and excellent brand image, they can attract consumers with low price sensitivity, high brand loyalty, and strong purchasing power. Premiumization means the products are not only strong in their performance but also appealing in their appearance. In essence, these high-end products are offered to achieve both functional utilities and bring emotional effect to users. Normally, these high-end manufacturers have a relatively smaller customer base and you may find them through their officially authorized agents and distributors.
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Foshan Xiangyuan Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has built its reputation for manufacturing high quality luxury hotel furniture, becoming one of the global manufacturers. According to the material, Harman Furniture's products are divided into several categories, and villa furniture is one of them. Harman luxury hotel furniture is embedded with an ultraviolet-cut layer on its diffuser plate during production. This UV cut plate helps to absorb and stop the UV from emitting out. The product is not susceptible to color fading caused by ultraviolet or sunlight. Harman Furniture Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional company which produces different types of villa furniture. Treated with fire retardant, it is highly resistant to fire.
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